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Licensed Master Riggers Serving All 5 Boroughs in the NYC Area, Long Island and New Jersey

Edge Industries provides complete solutions. From planning to coordination with management, logistics to implementation, our extensive experience means your next job will run smoothly.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Edge will lift your rooftops, chillers, and water towers, and lift and build your multi-cell cooling towers, in place, simultaneously. We will also rig into your customer’s basement your chillers and boilers, and build in place. Where else will you find a contractor that performs both services?

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The advantage to using Edge is that after all equipment is rigged and set, Edge has the ability to completely pipe in all the equipment and build out the mechanical equipment room. Not many firms can offer piping AND rigging on a single project. Our team will accommodate your project schedule and lead it through its duration.

Major Chiller Rig in NYC

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We can rig your equipment to any floor at any height and re-pipe the entire piping of systems if it is within scope. Also pipe in every chilled and hot water coil in the building once in place.

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